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Discussion in 'World' started by Ubershaftedme2, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Ubershaftedme2



    Im a noob here, so please forgive me if I break protocol with my thread.

    I just felt it was necessary to get word out on the internet of the Uber joke here in Tokyo.

    Uber eats is fairly new and launched just over a year ago in central Tokyo, witch means Uber is virtually non existent in greater Tokyo.
    Uber runs from 10am until 11pm but orders rarely come in between 10am - 11:30am and 10pm - 11pm.

    I was told I would earn between 15,000y to 25,000y a day.
    In the three weeks I worked with Uber I never once made over 5,000y in a day. Bear in mind Tipping does not exist here in Japan.

    After 3 weeks of giving it my all, I went into Uber to quit and retrieve some of my hard earned money by returning the delivery bag.
    The manager, or staff member, got abusive with me and told me I must be thick if I cant earn the amounts of money promised.
    I kept my cool and just watched as he threw a hissy fit in front of me and the other staff.

    I left the offices after calling the manager a liar and pointing out how Uber screws with peoples livelihoods.
    He yelled at me calling me a troll and told me to "piss off".

    Its been 3 weeks since this eventful meeting and I still haven't received my 8,000y for the delivery bag.
    Uber are still advertising on Craigslist for Tokyo cyclists promising them 25,000y a day. This is unacceptable.

    If this message reaches one potential Cyclist from Tokyo then my job here is done.

    Thanks for letting me whine.

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  2. Feel you.

    Just fyi

    Most of the crowd here is barely English literate. Anyone trolling from Japan on this forum...nest of luck. We don't get most of it
  3. Ubershaftedme2


    You are correct, 99.1% of Uber Cyclist in Tokyo are Japanese, but a lot of them speak English. There are no other web sites like this in Japanese, so it seemed the appropriate place to put a warning out.

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