To the person giving away the Arizona Tea


I had a rider tonite ask me if I had any refreshments or sodas and I said no, and he said "there's a lady who gives us Arizona Tea" and his friend goes "I had a driver give us snickers last time." Whoever is doing this is just enabling the entitled riders in Gainesville. I understand you can write-off this stuff, but you are cutting directly into your profits and creating unreasonable demands and expectations for the other drivers. When it gets to the point where riders cut your rating because you don't have a convenience store in your backseat, it needs to be brought to attention. We are trying to run a part-time for-profit business. It blows my mind that scabs would actually pickup and do $2 non-surge rides from midtown and then give them Arizona Ice Tea for 5-stars! What's next, are you going to give them candy for puking in the back of your car?