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I went to Jiffy Lube on Rock Blvd as it showed on Ubers site to become a driver. Passed the inspection, sent in everything via phone to Uber and was sent message I need TNC permit and Jiffy Lube I went to said they are not affiliated with Uber and do not have the permits to give. I have searched Uber site, can't get a phone number to ask anyone at Uber and I NEED HELP NOW! WHERE DO I GO IN RENO FOR TNC PERMIT TO COMPLETE MY REGISTRATION AND START DRIVING. I CAN'T PROCEED WITHOUT ONE.



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You can show your paper showing you passed at the Sprint store at the Meadowood Mall Circle area. They will give you what you need and answer any questions.


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I just signed up and need to get an inspection, do I go to sprint
You can do the inspection at many places, not just Sprint, but if you want a free inspection you have to do it there. Only the first inspection is free.

You can print the form off the internet though and bring it to any mechanic and then upload it in the app.


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It's staffed by uber employees with a mechanic there. My re-inspection was very minimal, the guy just walked around the car looking, maybe 3 minutes total.

kc ub'ing!

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Can you get the TNC sticker if you already have your inspection and do they have the decals?
Yes they have the decals. Everything you need. Even an inspector on site. Sprint store, McCarran and MaeAnne. Near Ross.

Our town is saturated so make good use of your newbie status. They'll feed you decent rides and keep you busy your first couple weeks. Then you'll be like the rest of us suckers. Witness me home on zombie crawl night! Used to be huge! Too many drivers now.