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When purchasing a new car and the loan is in someone elses name would dmv allow me to register the vehicle and insure under my name although im not on the loan?


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Yes on the MV-82 there is a field that lets the title owner give you power to register the vehicle under your name and insure it.


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DMV is not issuing TLC plates. There is a cap on them til next year.
Unless you buy an electric car. You didn't see how many Tesla 3 are around now. My wife ordered an Uber the other day and a brand new Tesla showed up. The driver was a diamond that means pick up everything with that car instead to cherry pick up. Further surprised me a lot that had a low rating for having that car.


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Na man im longtime driver im injured cant work n just tryin put my plates on something cheap to keep it since tlc dong give me much options on holding the plates its about 1 year recovery time for me
Feel better.
I hope that this wasn't a result of a car accident while doing uber.
Black Car Fund is terrible
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