Have done nearly 1600 Uber trips and not received 1 tip. A very small exception was the guy who let his kid eat possibly 10 of my individually wrapped mints and left $1 in console among the mints. Then there was a fellow who left his expensive sunglasses on the back seat. Ran from North Bondi to Randwick to return them, sat outside a bowling club for 5 minutes honking my horn to attract his attention, as the Uber app wouldn't allow me to contact him again. Finally he comes out with $10 in his hand. Gave him the dirtiest look I could conjure and he instantly pulls out another $10 secreted in his top pocket. An Uber riders version of a tip is to tell you they will give you 5 stars. Tight as a fishes


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Don't ever run back to return items left in the car. The pax can book an Uber at or near your address and either you or another ant can return them. We are not free for any reason.

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not all pax are bad 2 weeks ago a pax left her phone in my car I got a call from her after an hour
she said can you drop it for me tonight? I said sorry I can't as I'm working but
I told her if she want she can come and pick it up from my work place tomorrow.
She said she will send her friend to pick it up, I left the phone at main reception her friend came and took it for her.
after 4 days I received 50 dollar gift card note thank you for finding my phone.
I said I did nothing to deserve this money but thank you. I used the gift card to fill it up petrol for the weekend work
it was great!


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Have done nearly 1600 Uber trips and not received 1 tip.
1600 trips well done you. How is your rating? I'm one month in and only had two tips and a 10$ sweetner for going out of my way to wait form someone in a tight jam. But don't sweat it. Australia is not a tiping society


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More than 2800 trips.
3 tips only
$20 waiting for a passanger shopping at Coles for 5 minutes.
$50 from Japanese touris for driving them around Sydney CBD
$50 from US couples for returning their pasports and US $1K left in my car.

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Have done nearly 1600 Uber trips and not received 1 tip.

How many tips have you asked for? How many? How many have you 'Suggested'?
How many times have you asked for pax to put their seat belt on? Suggested, perhaps? Perhaps, we can get moving when all seat belts are locked in. Perhaps, we can avoid any seatbelt fines today....:smiles:

Did you know that Über drivers are now allowed to accept tips? I hope my service today is so good that you feel a tip is in order. Suggestion, suggestion, suggestion. It becomes second nature. :smiles:

Practice, practice, practice. What do you have to lose? It is highly unlikely you will see this person again. If you embarrass yourself, take a minute, review and learn for the next trip. :smiles:


A bit of an afterthought here but probably highly relative. I don't know if you remember the case, a couple of months ago, I think it was in Sydney, where a pax stepped out of the (Über) car and collected a bus for his trouble. Killed him. Probably created more than a little trauma for the other pax and the driver. Let's not worry about the driver though; as in Überland, his feelings and wellbeing are totally superfluous in the greater scheme of things. :frown:

I understand that the pax who met his maker via the A53 or whatever the bus was designated, (when he didn't even have a ticket!) actually exited the Über on the passenger side. Nonetheless, I thought about how many times I had seen the passenger side rear door flung open by a pax and thought that it could just as easily be me who is the driver in this situation.

hit by a bus resized to 500.jpg

Another forum member - was it TONY-T (?) had his door destroyed in a somewhat similar accident. After I read that, I kiddy locked the rear driver's side door. It has remained that way ever since. At first, I found this a bit embarrassing, telling pax that the door was kiddy locked and having to go through an explanation as to why.

Now it is just part of my routine 'housekeeping' as we set off. It is just part of the 'pitch'; part of the banter. If there are two (or three) pax in the back, I tell them "Now, just one other thing. The very lucky rider sitting directly behind me - your door is kiddy locked, so when we pull up at the destination, I will be getting out and opening the door for you. Okay? All the others have to open their own doors, so you are very special. is a safety thing......this is not an abduction attempt."

This usually gets a laugh. I have had a lot of funny experiences with this. I have had a couple of girls thank me profusely for explaining so that - in their words - "they weren't creeped out" at the other end. I have even had a woman who was with her husband in the back seat who said this as well. Talk about precious.

On the other side of the coin, early one evening, taking two women home, the one sitting behind me was adamant that only her friend should get out at the destination, as she was happy to be abducted and wanted me to join her in the back. So there you go. The two extremes.

Out of all that, keep in mind that you have a short term captive audience of a maximum of 4 persons. You are in charge. You are controlling the vehicle. And if you wish, you are controlling a lot of other things, which most pax are unaware of.

In perhaps, the 20 or 30 minutes that someone is in your car, you can rehearse with them, and then the next and the next. You can polish. You can refine your banter or your pitch or whatever you may like to call it, until it rolls off your tongue like it is part of you. You become a seasoned actor delivering his lines. Professionally, with skill and humour.

You can ask, suggest, tell someone to put their seatbelt on.
You can ask, suggest, tell someone that the rear driver's side door is locked.
You can ask, suggest, tell someone I am going to be really happy if my service today earns me a tip.

Suggestion is a very powerful force. Practice it. I doubt you will be disappointed.
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