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Tipping is not a city in China


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I just wanted to know if it is worth it to make signs letting passengers know tips are appreciated. If anyone has signage please share your results thanks


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Well the signs aren't working 1 guy made out of the way grocery stop nothing luggage in and out nothing WTF is wrong with these people I feel like a Cambodian house slave


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Sometimes the ones you least expect it are the ones that tip, and the ones you think would tip, do not.
...u must be the sweetest talker....or?
Lol! I talk a lot and I enjoy listening to people talk. It's either you like talking to me or you don't. Most do and will tip me. Some will leave me negative feedback saying I talk too much but those people are far and in between. Most of the time though, I just get them to talk about themselves and that makes most of them happy.