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Look what I found! This is hilarious

I'm curious, do drivers in South Florida have any signs inside their car?

I might make a sign, but slightly different.. lol!
I've never seenone like this before. Interestingly enough because IowaCity has uber, and I drive yellowcab, I occasionaly get college pax (accustomed to uber) ask me for water/ mint/gums. lol... My answer is usually something, we can stop at a convience store and you can buy them. I wouldn't be surprised that signs like that exist.

Uber chick in miami

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My sign would be something along these lInes.

Welcome to MY CAR!

Thank you for riding with me. Let's get some rules out the way for both your riding pleasure and mine.

1. Wipe your feet before getting into my car.
2. Don't start making all sorts of demands.
3. No water, No candy , no nothing! Unless you want to pay for it
4. Don't steal my chargers.
5. Crack a window if you smell.
6. Don't slam my doors or trunk.
7. No stops along the way.
8. Please remember to tip.
9. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

Oh and the list goes on and on... hahaha haha

I gotta just laugh sometimes. It doesn't do anything to stress or get angry about anything. Just laugh and keep ubering till we all find a better source of income :smiles:
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I'm not putting anything in my car that makes it look like a stinkin' cab. I've ridden with a few Uber drivers who had notepads, card holders, signs, etc., and I felt like it was a taxi ride. I think part of the appeal of Uber is that the pax don't feel like they're in a commercial vehicle.

Uber chick in miami

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I agree with you. I'm not putting any signs up either. It's kinda tacky. But I'm not too worried about what the pax think. They are getting a very discounted taxi ride in a much nicer vehicle with better and more efficient service.

Chunk change indeed!
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I run a powerpoint dvd on a continuous loop in one of my headrests with my referral codes for lyft and uber. Tried having a slide about tips for not being included but it was totally ineffective and might have taken a slight hit on the ratings. Removed the slide and left just the referral codes. Got a few so its better than nothing


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There's no mystery about the tipping, so I don't feel the need to remind the pax. Even though Lyft has a tip feature in the app, I get the same amount of tips, in cash, from Uber pax as I do Lyft pax. The only thing I don't get from the Uber pax is the lie "Don't worry - I'll give you a nice tip."


I'm not convinced a tip sign would work. In fact I could see potential poor driver ratings due to the appearance of "soliciting" the already "included tip".

In my time driving, I've noticed there's a cultural mindset among locals of Miami-Dade and Broward best described as "gimme free."
This mindset decreases or disappears the further north you drive. It greatly affects the tips you can potentially make.

Yesterday, after a 25 minute ride the male PAX thanked me for the service and took out cash to tip. His wife exclaims in both English and Spanish that tips are included. I corrected her and watched as he put back some of the cash to pacify her. Same female PAX also asked how much does Uber pay an hour because she heard we make $1500/week. She thinks Uber would solve unemployment in the entire county. You know because all those lazy welfare people can just buy a new car and work for Uber instead.

I just thank the PAX for not using POOL! They always smile and I get better tips this way! Thanks Phuseche!


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It's all those stupid radio ads that Uber and Lyft have out on the radio. They're not only out there to recruit new drivers, they are trying to keep people thinking that their Uber Drivers aren't working for slave wages.

Every time one of those dumb adverts comes on in my car, I make sure I do a fake cough and say bullshit.