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Tip issue?!

Discussion in 'Portland' started by mrDEE630, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. anyone else having issues with uber tips? I haven’t had a single tip on uber all weekend, I understand passengers are cheap but none over 25+ rides seems strange. And I’ve had quite a few people say they were going to tip. Again, I fully understand that a lot of people say that and don’t, but this just seems fishy...
  2. Monday, Tuesday, no in app tips on Uber. Less than 10 rides total.

    Wednesday, 10-15 trips, 1 in app tip

    Friday, 10-15 trips, 1 in app tips

    Saturday, about 20 trips, 1 tip but it doesn't say which ride so it was a tip from a previous day. Which means zero in app tips on Uber rides yesterday.

    Uber sucks for tips

    Lyft has been horrible this week also. Maybe 15 tippers out of 40+ rides.
  3. Doughie


    I had 12 Uber rides Friday and Saturday night with 4 in app tips. That's better than usual for me.

    Hey Mista T.... has Lyft been doubling your ride bonuses in Portland this weekend? Every time my bonus counter reaches a number, the bonus is double what it's showing? The lowest was $24 and the highest over $54. It seems like a glitch in my app.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
  4. No such luck.

    I have been an extremely consistent driver for almost 2 years now. The downside of that is that I never get bonuses, good offers, contests, nuthin'.
  5. Doughie


    I mean the new Lyft pink and purple zone bonuses that they gave us when they took away PT. I had a dozen from $24 to $54.
  6. Wow...

    The highest I have had so far has been about 6.50

    Almost all of them from 2-3
  7. Got a guy this am on Division, headed to the Waffle Window on Hawthorne. 10 block ride, you sure you want to spend the money on an Uber?

    Anyway, real nice guy. Said he would tip me in the app. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, gave him more than 1 star.

    And ....... he tipped in the app!! One of 2 Uber in-app tips for me today, lol.
  8. Nerka


    I usually get about 5 to 10 percent tips.

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