tip in app?

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ok, so I almost never drive for Uber - my last trip was about 6 months ago...today, just for giggles I opened the driver app and before the map came up, there was a screen (I should have screenshotted it...) that said that someone had given me $1.00 tip in the app...it only lasted a few seconds before fading (yes it faded) away...

the last time I drove was before tipping in the app was a thing in my market. is this real? cause I don't see that I got paid, nor do I have any recent deposits into my bank account for $1.00

is this a scam from Uber to try to drum up work from inactive drivers?


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You do have to select an option to 'accept' tips in the app. As a rider I have tried to tip occasionally and receive a notice: 'the driver has not accepted the option to tip' (or something like that); Separately as a driver as I reset my app for use in Florida vs. Texas a screen popped up; 'Do you want to accept tips?' ... i'm not sure how to get to that screen; but know its there.