Tip: If they aren't approving your documents for renewal


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They say they aim for two hours during regular business hours. What I find is if they don't do it within then they never will. So once you submit the document and they haven't approved it within say 4-5 hours just resubmit it.

I had this happen again recently where I had an issue. I submitted it Thursday or Friday of last week and then never heard anything until they suspended my account on Monday due to not havign the insurance. I called the joke of support and explained that I submitted the document last week and just shows pending and asked how long it was going to take. Of course they were worthless. They just told me that they would contact me when that was approved and when I asked how long they just danced around the question and repeated that they aim for two hours. After calling a couple times and getting this I got angry and just resubmitted the documents. Within two hours it got approved.

They seem to have some kind of weird problem where every once in a while your documents get stuck in the queue. Resubmitting actually seems to make it go faster. I waited 3.5 days for nothing when all I had to do was resubmit the document. Do not count on them notifying you if there is a problem because they often won't and the phone support will just waste your time.