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Time to see new surge scam tonight for the first time

Discussion in 'Stories' started by jgiun1, Dec 5, 2018 at 4:38 PM.

  1. jgiun1


    Just got my seized wheel bearing fixed. I'm getting ready for some more wear and tear emotionally and on the car. The new surge started last night, not feeling figuring that out.

    Have a feeling I might be going back to Lyft by the weekend from this Surge scam.
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  2. Yeah man. I feel for you.
    You seemed to consistently get decent surges.
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  3. jgiun1


    I'll figure something out Noe!!! This is exactly the same reason I quit driving for lyft.....NOT a big change guy and hate that feeling of ground zero again.
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  4. jgiun1


    I think the funny thing I seen already.....they said new surge will last longer. When I looked yesterday and today, they popped up and dissapeared real quick. There's no way they would lie!!!!
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  5. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Lying doesnt sound like Uber at all.

    We havent seen the price drops here yet but in looking, I just realized that Lyft actually pays slightly more per mile and per minute.

    I guess I may have to work on getting that 6% acceptance rate a little higher.

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