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Kobayashi Maru

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EACH NIGHT IN Tokyo, several thousand men and women suit up, donning ties, white gloves, and even surgical masks to quietly ferry passengers around the city. They drive pristinely kept Toyotas and Nissans, the seats often covered in flowery lace and the doors rigged to open and close automatically, minimizing interactions with customers. They don't even ask for a tip.



Stevie The magic Unicorn

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Articles mentions most of drivers over 60YO

Any speculation as to why?
In japan it's crazy hard to get a drivers license.

Also in Japan you tend to get your first job (full time job after completing your education) and stay at the company until you drop dead. In order to get fired in Japan you have to be a royal screw up. That's just the way the business culture is.

With the business being in decline for over a decade according to the article (even without ridesharing) they aren't hiring, yet they aren't firing. So their drivers are getting older.

Also in general cab drivers tend to be over the hill anyway. Most cab companies won't hire people until they are in their 30s to establish they have a long safe driving record. So you have someone in their 30s without a higher education who is a career cab driver... Give them no other job prospects and many more than you would expect stick with it 20+ years.

So you start it later in life, have little other job prospects, multiply that by Japanese people not firing anyone ever,

And that's how you get a fleet of cabs run by old farts.
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