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Sopheap Pal

New Member
I got my first traffic ticket tonight while I was going to a pick up in Buckhead Atl. I was following the GPS to turn left when there was a sign that says that I can't turn left when apparently is a left. So, the nice officer pulled me over. I had to cancel the pick up because the officer is taking his time. Do I submit that to uber support?

Surgeless in Seattle

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I hate Uber nav! They should cover the ticket because the nav regularly sticks us in a pickle somewhere due to this exact issue! Raise holy hell!!! Of course they'll tell you it's your responsibility to obey traffic laws... Grrrr! This one drives me crazy! Particularly since the nav drops the destination address while enroute ... You have to fiddle through to the Waybill.


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I would not. Uber may pay your ticket; count on seeing the payment come off your the paycheck after it is paid. :frown:. Find out of you can take a driver's safety course instead of paying the ticket.

BTW, Sopheap Pal, welcome to the forum!

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No you cancelled the pick up, thats what you should have done. Uber would only want to hear about it if the custoemr was in the car and got delayed, they would refund the ride. As to the fine that's on you miss independent contractor!! Isn't it great owning your own business!!

D Town

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No they will not. If you listen to a computer - or a pax - over plainly listed traffic laws you deserve the ticket. Harsh but come on...


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If you disobeyed road signs then Uber wont help you. NAV apps arent perfect, next time use common sense.

Switch to Waze or Google Maps, its far more accurate when it comes to road signs and one way streets.


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You have eyes and a brain, the GPS should be assisting those, not the other way around.
If US had a mandatory driving test every year, it would remove 60% of drivers off the road. $45 per head, US debt would drop by 20% with in 4 years.


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Sir, :smiles:

As I said in my post, you may be able to claim "No Contest" and get off with paying/attending a Defensive Driving Course.

If so, you get 10% of your personal insurance, too. :wink:
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