Thursday was wasted ! $22.00 lol


I was going to start driving right around 3 o'clock Thursday. First I wanted to go and withdraw some money from my Uber card and deposit it into my personal bank account. Well I go over to the ATM. I open up the uber App to to transfer the instant pay money onto the card. Omg the Instant pay is completely in operable. Signed on signed off. Omg the Uber partner app is doing crazy things I had never imagine an app to do. So then I decided to go and withdraw money from my personal bank account for gas. So I drive another five minutes to go withdraw money from my personal bank account. Then I'm starting to notice that the Uber partner app isn't accepting my pass word. It's still not working correctly. I'm sitting at the bank and I'm in between the thought of wow I need to move out of this area because the Uber app isn't working correctly and I'm not getting reception or I could possibly be disabled from my account for some silly reason. So then I go ahead to my ATM. I withdraw $40 from my personal account. I go get some gas I start driving from North Hollywood into West Hollywood and I am not getting any cooperation with the Uber partner app. Not even the Up Uber People is working. So I'm thinking what the F is going on. I turn off the phone. I tried turning the phone on. I log on I Log off and I keep doing this over and over and each time I noticed that the Uber Partner app is still not working correctly. I try logging onto the dashboard. Nothing I try logging onto the Uber Partner app. Nope!! I try logging on and off the regular Uber Passener app. Then I notice I can log into the passenger easily and it's operating correctly. I signed onto the go bank it looks like it's clear everything is operating correctly. So I keep driving all the way through West Hollywood and then I decide ok, forget it, it's getting too close to the weekend I better head over to the Uber office so that I can have them check my Uber Partner app and see what the hell is going on. So then it's about 4 o'clock by the time I get over to the uber office and there's several people crowded around trying to get in line to get to one of the reps at the uber office. I don't feel like talking to anybody. I'm usually in a really good mood when I get over to that office. I'm feeling at that moment that it's going to be a completely waisted day. They finally call my name I get over to number 17 and a young girl is asking me what I need help with. I informed her that I am having problems with the app and I want to make sure that I am not disabled or deactivated and when will the app begin to work. She says that all over the nation the app had been down and that I had to wait a little while and that it would be back on again later on in the evening. So I drive away. I go up Westwood. I turn the app on or turn it off I'm still afraid to turn it off. Then it's about 6 o'clock at this point I'm having coffee at the Coffee Bean. There is a Lyft driver who looks very happy. There are a couple guys hanging out at the back a Coffee Bean but they won't admit that they are drivers. So now I'm trying to make up my mind. Do I want to drive or do I just want to go back home and reorganize my apartment. Get up early and start at 4 AM and make up for this wasted day. Finised eating dinner at TLT kitchen. Start driving. I do a couple rides everything's fine but then the app turns off one time in the middle the ride. I shut the phone off I turned it back on. Then it starts operating correctly. I do a few more pick ups and drop off's it's getting about 11 o'clock and I shut the app off and now I'm home. I can not sleep! Really just stressed!!
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