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Thursday Night

Well guys and gals and any of the 16 other recognized category how is your Thursday going...was Wednesday any better for you. Airport has been somewhat of a bust.


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Lots of people starting to come to town for the weekend. I'll probably be working now through New Year's if it stays busy. It is also going to be super cold and maybe snowy this weekend, so things should be interesting. Be safe and smart with ride requests. One big piece of advice for NYE from last year... non-surge requests late at night typically will be going far out to places like Canton, Mars Hill, Hendo. Don't screw yourself out of easy money taking these.

To address your questions, don't try to force the airport thing. I've seen drivers wait 10 deep for a single Allegiant flight (lol). And that is just on Uber. Many times, other areas will surge due to lack of coverage. If you stick around, you will learn when to do the airport thing.

I never drive Wednesdays unless it is summer and there is an event. I don't drive without the possibility for a few surge rides; it doesn't make financial sense. Even Tuesdays with Funk Jam are questionable these days with so many drivers.

Lastly, as much as I like UP.net, this sub forum is rather dead. You might try Facebook and join the Asheville drivers group. I don't know much about it but imagine it has to be more active than this. Cheers!
well i think Thursday night ended as fast as it started. yes this sub forum is weak but at least it lets anyone post and you don't have to be liked to get in. we need to work on this one were ALL can contribute.


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How can we get an idea of how many drivers there are in the Asheville area? Better would be to know how many riders there are? I seem to pick up the same 10 or 12 rider all the time. I drove 5 hours this morning got 5 rides $31.00
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I think you best bet maybe to look at the full time drivers those out here 5 or more night's that are here on up
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