Thursday grind....


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How did everyone do??? Any big numbers or is everyone preparing for the weekend?
$186 UBER, $26 LYFT with a $20 cash tip.... $232 Total in 9hrs.
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Hey BTD, do you still drive for Uber/Lyft?
Back to cab driving recently, but biz is very bad. May rent a Lyft car again though their "free car" rental is almost impossible to attain vs. when I hit that target once long ago.

I need to drive full-time, and with unlimited miles, it may not be as bad a deal as some think. Plus, it's usually a 2015 car, nicer to drive than an old car and thus having to worry about repair and maintenance costs.


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I'm at $150 on Uber and $65 on Lyft. Still not done though. I need 3 more rides for my $50. That should put me close to $1,150 for the week.


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Had a trip from TF Green Airport, Warwick RI to Lynn, MA. 1hr 45 min.
That's what got me the $20 tip.

Good conversation the entire way.... even though the guy spoke broken English.