Three Lyft Line pings in a row, all 15 minutes away



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As I was finishing up the morning, I get three lyft line pings back to back. I chose not to accept because the first one was 12 min away, and the pax canceled within 3 minutes ETA(I got the cancellation fee thankfully) Then I got three back to back, all 12-15 minutes away. wtf?


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I drove like 18 miles to a lyft ping, it was worth it though. I made a good amount. You should trust in Lyft pings, you are eventually rewarded for all the hard work you do. Unlike Uber.


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Well, I accepted one Lyft ping yesterday which was 16 miles away, it turned out from Sag Harbor to Manhattan, $420 gross fare.

Chit happens sometimes. Lol
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