This woman thinks Uber should have its own “back-up team” for when 911 fails to respond


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Three kids got into Gorte’s car and told her they were waiting for their mom. When the mom came out with another kid, Gorte told them she couldn’t drive them because there were too many passengers.
“I said, 'No, you have to have a seatbelt.' She told me to 'shut up and drive.' I said, 'I can’t do that.'” ‬

“If 9-1-1 isn’t going to show up, then Uber needs to have their own security team to be there to back up the drivers and be on the spot when we’re in trouble,” she said.
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First let me put in the disclaimer that violence or touching a pax should be absolute LAST resort, and only if you are actually being assualted.

If you are ever assualted on the first contact get out of the car immediately. No matter how big or strong you are sitting in the car makes you extremely vulnerable and gives them the advantage as you would have to twist around to fight back and are more restricted than them by the seatback. Outside you have a much better fight in you if needed in self defense.

About 14 months ago I thought a young moron was going to take a swing at me as I was kicking him out of my car. Before he actually had a chance to do anything I opened the door and got out. I guess after seeing how big I am he thought better and just left. Lucky. None of us do this to put up with paxholes that want to hit you.

Best is to avoid that at all costs though.
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Every time pax request a ride, text message to the pax phone from u/l
It should warn pax about pax behavior
And number of pax allowed .. and the consequences


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No, no, no. The Uber police force is just for Uber corporate and GLHs for when the disgruntled peasants show up with the torches and pitchforks. When some crazy shows up with a petition, the guy behind the desk quickly hammers the red button and a independently contracted thug comes out and does his best Lawrence Taylor impersonation.