This weekend sucked.


I did 7.5 hours. Made 153.50. A lot of short trips
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If I have anything to complain about it would be that my rating didn't change but my acceptance rate went up 3 percentage points and my cancellation rate went down 1. I don't understand how that could be.
I also had some drunk idiot throw up ( luckily ) all over himself in the front seat of my car. It was only 815pm. Destination was James Joyce in Patchogue. Prior to that his 3 companions in the back seat kept telling me he was OK. After he vomited, I pulled over and left all 4 of them on the sidewalk of North Ocean Avenue and Sunrise Highway. I still received a $5 tip on the app. Clean up was easy. Kept working till midnight.
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Suffolk seems to do better nowadays compared to Nassau. Too many drivers in Nassau. I long for the days where I made 200 in 2.5 hour in the Hamptons, oh how have time changed...