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This Uber Driver tried to rip me off

Discussion in 'Dallas' started by McDriver, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. McDriver

    McDriver New Member

    Dallas, TX
    I'm an Uber driver, but I was out of town and flew into DFW so I needed a ride home. I booked a ride with Uber, but I cancelled right away (like 30 seconds after booking it) because I got an important phone call that I needed to take, and I didn't want to be dealing with Uber while I was on it. After the call, I booked another ride. It was quite interesting when I got 2 receipts for that night...this jerk tried to pull one over on me when I booked the first ride.

    Dude started my trip as soon as he got the call, and he was no where near Terminal A where I was located. He was actually 4.4 miles way on Innovation drive. Had I not cancelled the ride, I probably wouldn't have realized that he started the ride early, and I would have gotten ripped off. I let Uber know, but they won't do a thing. In their response they sent telling me that they were refunding my money, they said the driver must have accidentally started the trip. I let them know that I'm a driver and that both they and I know that no one "accidentally" starts a trip 4.4 miles too soon.

    We don't need people like this driving for Uber. It gives us all a bad name.

    Uber Driver.jpg
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  2. dirtylee

    dirtylee Well-Known Member

    No one cares.
    Everyone is a driver now.
  3. d0n

    d0n Well-Known Member

    So you cancelled the first ride and yet the guy did the trip, who do you think is the crook here? Uber or the driver since you cancelled?
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  4. Uberdummy

    Uberdummy Well-Known Member

    Oh please. You are so full of it. It doesn't matter when where why how the driver started your trip. You were given an up front quote for the trip and that is what you pay no matter what the driver does or what route he takes. Quit whining and shut up.
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  5. McDriver

    McDriver New Member

    Dallas, TX
    Uberdummy, your name is fitting. Your post was fine except for the last sentence. No need to be nasty.
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  6. Uberyouber

    Uberyouber Well-Known Member

    that boy ugly...

    "We don't need people like this driving for Uber. It gives us all a bad name." ???

    We already have a bad name. it cant get any worse...
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  7. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    One of those " Fancy Pax " that cant put his phone down !

    Even worse
    He has the " I AM A DRIVER COMPLEX"!

    How many weekends a month do you drive ?

  8. Stas2007

    Stas2007 Member

    More important question did you tip the driver that drove you home?
  9. Bad uber pro

    Bad uber pro Active Member

    " I don't wanna deal with Uber while I was on it"
    Dude , if u can't handle being on the phone while you wait on your ride, how can you handle driving, navigating and finding your customer?
    " We don't need people like this driving for Uber" lol
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  10. KellyC

    KellyC Well-Known Member

    Lol, I accidentally started a trip too soon last week using Lyft (still not sure how I did it; I was trying to cancel). I went ahead & picked the guy up, immediately told him what I had done & apologized, & told him he was entitled to a fare adjustment & that I would report it to Lyft. As soon as the trip was over I reported to Lyft & requested a fare adjustment on the rider's behalf (he got it, according to Lyft)

    Guy was super nice, gave me $10 tip that I didn't deserve. :D
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  11. fxcruiser

    fxcruiser Active Member

    Grapevine, TX
    This Dude (A newb of course) got him some Reese Slitherspoon 'tude! Prolly asks LE when they pull him: "Ossifer; Do you know who I am?!" BTW: we can tell you be somebody by dat S%^t- eatin' Pic ya got posted....Six months max!
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  12. Coachman

    Coachman Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing Irving or Euless.
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  13. NoBS

    NoBS Member

    That driver that started the trip early is more a dumb than a scam artist. Number 1 airport rule is never start the trip until the rider is on your back seat. Everybody knows that.
  14. HotRodriguez75

    HotRodriguez75 Well-Known Member

    Dallas - Fort Worth
    The driver was more likely screening the ride to get the destination.

    I had a rider 2am Sunday at DFW that had two drivers call and screen/cancel. Upon drop off, he handed me his phone and I we submitted help tickets for both. Sorry but these fools at DFW that sit in the queue should get all the short trips for the stupidity of sitting in that queue for hours on end.

    Yesterday I took 3 rides into the airport and jumped the queue all three times. And these guys wonder why the queue is taking so long. Many drivers are the not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  15. dfw_driver

    dfw_driver Member

    I took a peek at the A lot yesterday. Most of the drivers there look like they are pretty new in this game. I think the veterans are not wasting their time in the lot these days, especially in the hot weather.
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  16. tohellwithu

    tohellwithu Well-Known Member

    Bad ass Uber driver complaining about another bad ass driver. Funny guy, stop complaining. Get a freaking cab and get going.
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  17. Volvonaut

    Volvonaut Active Member

    Plano, TX
    Lyft has this dumb thing it can do where it starts the trip based on your car rolling a small distance, like 1000 feet. Though I think you must first claim to have arrived before that's a factor. I hate how it's automatic after that though because sometimes I was just trying to find them.
  18. Yankeeinhrtoftx

    Yankeeinhrtoftx Active Member

    Lewisville, TX
    Back to his car he left at an apartment complex because he's too cheap to pay for parking.
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  19. Bear75063

    Bear75063 Active Member

    Irving, TX
    Au contraire............. he needs to be as nasty as can be so that my posts look like the voice of sanity
    and reason!!

    My early days I got a ping at the port and I always text the rider asking what entry number they were at. This rider called me
    and the convo was like:

    Rider: We're here at C4
    Me: Coming from Terminal A and be there in a few.
    Rider: But you ARE coming to get us, right?
    Me: Yes, you are at C4?
    Rider: Yes, C4 and you will be giving us a ride?
    Me:.................................................... uh, yeah???

    I thought that was very strange until they told me that THREE drivers called them and asked their destination [Embassy Suites Bass Pro]
    then cancelled. I screamed bloody hell to Uber [not because I got a short trip, just the *******dness of the 3 Uber ****S and the frustration
    of the riders] and Rajesh in Bangalore just didn't have a single **** to give!!
  20. UberNdallas

    UberNdallas Active Member

    Dallas, Texas
    I think calling the riders to see if you want the trip or not is a &%$@!* move. Just my opinion.

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