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This time, I got the abuse in writing

Discussion in 'Stories' started by LyftNewbie10, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. LyftNewbie10


    I tried to explain to this "person" that I am not authorized to pick up at bus stations and disrupt the flow of traffic. She talked back to me about other Lyft riders doing it. I apologized and promptly disengaged. She was very unpleasant. Then, she sent abusive messages to me.

  2. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Thoughts and Prayers go out to you and your family in this tragic situation.

    Or....this is a just another Thursday for every other driver.
  3. I wouldn’t do a
    Victory Lap

    You upset Lyft’s client, causing her emotional duress.
    Your wrongful and unlawful racism caused Lyft’s client to react out of frustration and fear (Just speculation of what her complaint to Lyft will include)

    A. Drivers are easily replaceable
    B. Customers are in limited supply
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  4. I bet if you report to Lyft they will say we will make sure you’re not paired with the rider again but will fail to take the text message and act on the rider for being an idiot.

    The abuse will continue. Lyft is like a enabler in a abusive relationship.
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  5. PioneerXi


    Text back “I have your home address.”
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  6. New2This


    DC Area
    Call in don't email.

    I've had good results from calling into Lyft (during the day, overnights they outsource to Rovil or South America) about safety issues.

    Use the critical response line. Their safety department has a clue sometimes
  7. Now there’s an well thought out intelligent move!
    Only reason to txt that is for reason of threat of violence

    documented Felony intent

  8. Why cant you pick up at a bus station? Do taxis and regular vehicles have a lock on driving in an out?
  9. New2This


    DC Area
    Maybe bus stop with a shelter?
  10. LyftNewbie10


    I think UBER enables more abuse to the driver than Lyft. Lyft is generally more supportive. With Lyft, you can talk about unfair ratings and they'll erase them.

    Bus stops are designated for buses. Taxi, Lyft and Uber drivers can easily interfere with bus pickups and drop-offs. They are designed and regulated for buses only and not to be shared with taxi, Lyft, Uber and rideshare drivers. Valet parking is for people who have their cars parked by a valet, not to be a pickup spot/station for Lyft and Uber riders.
  11. Scott.Sul


    Never put that type of response in writing...
  12. How can you "hang up in her face"? A telephone is a remote communication device. If you were in front of her then a telephone would not have been required.

    Did she show any other signs of being an imbecile when you talked to her?

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