This needs to be repeated! Demand to be opted out of Pools!


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Im against UberPool to some degree. But i have feelings that Uber is pushing for it too hard against the majority of drivers opinion makes me feel there is a conspiracy.

The conspiracy in my opinion is, when UberX becomes known to many people to a point where taxi drivers get affected badly. New laws will come out to play in favor of cap drivers and possibly take over UberX all together.

Uber then will sell itself as a business model for pooling. Something that taxis dont do.

It is more as of a fail safe for Uber to stay in business.

This is why they want to gaurantee as much as possible drivers who will do it.

My humble opinion. I could be wrong.


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Uber is using Uberpool to drastically increase worldwide ridership, market share, revenue and profit (primarily from matched rides). There is no mystery here.