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This morning got two jobs from university area to airport area, this is how much I got paid


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Your a slave, never forget that you are a slave,,,,, good slaves give away free water and sweets,, and should be happy giving your master 25% so he can eat well and become fat and rich,,


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Cant see why you are complaining. You made over 20 quid for less than half an hours work and 13 quid in the other half hour.

Thats 33 quid per hour. People like you and above poster sicken me. Always complaining and wanting more.

If you want more then be a doctor, lawyer or footballer. You're an uber driver and your labour is based on 1 skill (driving). This is the rate you're paid in the employment market. Its called supply and demand mate. Want more then work harder or get a job that pays more.

I dont know why so many of you drivers dont get it. You're low cost labour for a reason. Most of you are uneducated and this is your labour rate. If you wanted to be paid more then maybe you should have listened to your parents when they told you to study hard