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"This job isn't for you" and "Don't drive full time"

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Julescase, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. These two phrases are the most overused, unnecessary, cringe-worthy statements on this site. People throw them out as "advice" but I think they just like making others feel ****ty.

    "Driving rideshare isn't the job for you"


    "People shouldn't drive rideshare full time"

    This job is probably the wrong gig for 70% of those doing it. Yes, some love it, but not many. It gets old pretty fast. It's tough. It can be stressful. It's physically exhausting. And when you HAVE to do it, it's even harder. When it's something you don't need to do, for some reason it seems easier.

    And most of the people driving full time understand that driving for Uber, Lyft, etc, is basically untenable for extended periods. Physically, emotionally, psychologically......it's rough. But people have bills to pay, families to support, apartments and homes to live in, all of which require MONEY.

    So, try to remember: those driving full time are doing it to LIVE. To put food on the table, to have cell phones active to do their jobs, to have a roof over their heads, to put clothes on their back and their kids' backs. They don't need to hear that it's not the job for them, or that they shouldn't be driving full time. Would you rather they rob a bank? Sit on their asses? They're probably doing for the same reason you're doing it if you're driving full time.

    If anything, I'm impressed that there are such hardworking, motivated people out there. I don't know how people do it for 8-9 hours per day (or more!).

    Before you tell someone you think driving full time is a bad idea or that rideshare isn't the right gig, STOP. Maybe the person is new to driving and they don't quite have a handle on it. Maybe they were just laid off and have no choice whatsoever. Why add to the stress with such negativity?

    They don't need your "advice" and hearing it won't be helpful in any way.* / rant over

    * there are a few exceptions; there have been a few threads on this site written by people who are clearly NOT going to be successful driving for Uber. I think we all recognize these poor folks when we see a comment by them. Utter cluelessness, 500 rides in and they've been deactivated a few times, they're here asking questions that make it crystal clear that they simply need to find another line of work. But they are the exception, not the norm. :)

    TL/DR? Stop telling people they shouldn't drive FT or the job isn't for them. It's not helpful in any way
  2. Completely agree Jules.
    There are exceptions, but those lines definitely get over used.

    How about this one:
    A full timer saying how it's slow and he's struggling to make money and a part timer jumps in to say how this is for him play money and you're stupid if you do this full time o_O
    That one really bugs me.

    I've probably been guilty of all of those at some point.

    But like you said, at the end of the day they're just trying to survive.

    So I'll say it... I've been a jerk once or twice. :D

    I'm sorry

    No, I'm not changing. But I can always direct you to this thread if I offend you.
  3. Nats121


    Arlington VA
    You left out some other overused quotes...

    "If uber's so bad then quit"

    "Stop complaining and quit if you don't like it" (this is frequently posted in the Complaints forum, lol)

    "As an IC you're totally free to leave Uber if you don't like the pay."(Apparently only ICs are allowed to quit their jobs)

    "Doing rideshare is super easy, it isn't real work and anyone with a pulse can do it"

    "It's not a career it's a side job"
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  4. I'll tell you what burns my ass...

    A flame about waist high!
  5. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    I find this gig to be super easy, mainly because I can flip the app on or off at my leisure. I constantly get newbs asking me if they can “make a living” doing this. I honestly tell them, “yeah, I suppose so, but you’ll probably need to grind at it 70-80 hours a week in this particular market.”
    My premise is, if you need full-time employment, focus on something that you can do 40 hours a week and offers benefits. I just feel that grinding out 70-80 hours and racking up miles in a personal vehicle is the wrong way to go about “making a living.”
    I understand the situation is different depending on the person or depending on the job market, but in my region the unemployment rate is extremely low and there are help-wanted signs hanging everywhere.
  6. Nats121


    Arlington VA
    Being able to flip the app on and off doesn't make the job easy.

    I don't know what market you work in, but I can tell you that just driving a car in DC with all the traffic congestion, bad roads, and bad drivers for a few hours can be taxing in itself.

    Add to that entitled pax, logistical pickup problems in DC, drunks, back seat drivers, fuber app issues, etc.

    It all adds up to something drastically different from the quiet country drive image that fuber and their defenders try to portray.
  7. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Hopefully it doesn’t burn your head at the same time.
  8. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    I've been a jerk on here and I'm sorry.
  9. jgiun1


    I'm only mean to newbies that post stuff here about safety, being deactivated....but only wanting to see post reactions of sorrow or pity instead of looking into the mirror and seeing the real issue.

    This might considered a subcontractor unskilled job definition, but clearly isn't. Your in a stressful job with trying to communicate with total strangers, drive and pay attention to all your surroundings, navigate and make little mistakes as possible. Clearly there will be people that think this gig is for everyone and easy, but it isn't.

    There's two strong traits in my opinion you must carry to be a success at ridesharing full time....a strong social game and almost excellent driving skills. Some people here get annoying with only wanting to people to write what they want our answers to be, not the truth.
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  10. Feel better ?

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  11. jaystonepk


    Buffalo, NY
    This job is by no means easy and it definitely is not for everyone. Ability is one thing, capability is something else entirely.

    If you are not good socially and can't make idle conversation with strangers that's one strike against you. I just had one gentleman tell me that his Uber driver going out for the night basically just ignored him for nearly the whole ride. At one point she said to him, "Why are you asking so many questions?" That driver isn't going to last. Good for me I suppose. Bad for the person who doesn't have the job skills. Worse if that person has no other job prospects.

    I've never considered myself a social person. However, I don't have a problem talking with people that hop in my car. It's fairly easy to see when people want to talk and when they don't. If I ask a question and they give a short response while staring at their phone, that means shut up and drive. If they initiate a convo it's just polite to ask something in return. It generally makes them feel more engaged and increases the chance of a tip from what I've seen.

  12. You are the OPPOSITE of a jerk, Sweet Pea!!

    I don't know if you could be mean if you tried. That's a good thing. It's the "midwestern" in ya!


    There are absolutely certain individuals who SHOULD NOT be driving rideshare, whether they're doing it full-time, part-time, or an hour per week.

    And yes it's doubly obnoxious when some part-timer jumps in with "this is my beer money!" "This is just my travel money!" "This is just my baby's cheerleading travel fund; people doing this to support themselves are plain STUPID." Go eff yourself, Creepazoid!

    I think most of the UP members know immediately who truly shouldn't be driving for Uber/Lyft. And I'll gladly add myself to the list of people here who have used these phrases a few times. You know the new drivers who shouldn't be driving that I'm referring to: the ones who start threads about being deactivated because they were caught when their friend was helping them out one night by driving the deactivated poster's car, using the deactivated poster's driver account (a major "don't") or a driver who comes to UP.net confused and looking for advice when Uber kicked him off permanently after their 5th "dangerous driving" report and 20th 1-star rating in under 3 months....

    I mean, the job really isn't for everyone. :rolleyes:
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  13. Ha!
    We've been reading the same threads
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  14. I agree - I also can't stand when a newbie comes here to vent or ask for advice and when they're (rightfully) put in their place and told they need to do a complete 180 with regards to their plan of action, driving skills, customer service skills, and general attitude, they become defensive and indignant and act pissed off that more seasoned drivers actually took the time and efforts to try to help them improve by explaining WHY it is that they are failing at the rideshare thing.

    Why are they in this forum asking questions if they don't want responses? Do they just want people to "yes" them to death, tell them they're right, and leave it at that? (Here's a secret: I think that's what they want.)
  15. Once or twice?
  16. jgiun1



    I blame Lyft and Uber for the gimmicks of easy quick side hustle advertising....if you have neither social or driving skills, good freaking luck doing this full time. There really are people with a feeling you turn on the app and easy fun money. Honestly I drive six days a week and maybe 2 days are actually fun, others are fake appearance I enjoy the job and they're company in my car.....lol

    I also think if you can't hack the responses a well qualified board of drivers that actually figured this stuff give, Goodluck with the passengers and they're expectations.

    I've been working full time for years and would never say not to do this, but you also need to get a grip on reality of what it really is and entails on a daily grind.
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  17. I've been rude a "few" times.... only a few though
  18. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    Umm...I've been called "honey bunny" and "sweet pea" by the great JulescaseJulescase . Could somebody pinch me please??!!?! I must be dreaming.

    You'd be proud of me. I *sort of* shuffled someone at MKE tonight. 4.77 rating. Request said "short trip -- we'll hold your spot for 6 hours". Got to the baggage claim, pax had no idea what he was doing and popped out onto the taxi side, and then waited until 4:30 to call me. Homey don't play dat. Ignore phone call, cancel no show.
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  19. ROFLMAO....LMAO............LOL. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa If your stuck, your stuck, i always tell people give it a try,let em find out for themselves,its like the Lotto, you have to be in it to win it, even though i never 1 the lotto,jmo
  20. Twice


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