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This is what I had last night as a pox


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My best run like that was a big container of par cooked pasta and fresh bread going from one restaurant to another ... other than making me hungry with the smell of the bread I enjoyed blasting my music


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Honestly at the shore in the summer I have mints and jolly ranchers because I get more tips and the rate is higher ... once the season is over I let my kids have a feeding frenzy but seriously that’s ridiculousness


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Nothing wrong with being nice,, All that stuff is cheap and a write off,, make the job fun,,,

I wouldn’t go this far,, but I do offer deer park water and fruit roll ups

I guess it depends where you are driving and how much you drive


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My first thought was 🤔.......she might have an underlying mental health disorder. However, in fairness. Do whatever works for you.

Uber burn in hell

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It is a female though so she probably does get higher tips from desperate guys.
She looks like a total grenade!!! I say about 200+ , don’t think so. 😂
I have a minibar in my car with airplane bottles, mints forget that. People love me, I only drive at night, and it’s awesome every time I pop the question “ would you like a drink?” People be sure I will take a water, so I hand them a water. But when they get the hint and are like what you got? Best Uber ever!!!
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