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Guys you need to read this

People with disabilities have a legal entitlement to equal transportation options in New York City. New York City and the MTA have failed to address the legal rights of people with disabilities and, per usual, they’re trying to put the responsibility onto working people. The Taxi and Limousine Commission has proposed a rule that would slash your income by at least half, starting in just a few months.

Here is what you need to know.

The TLC’s proposed rule requires that 10 percent of all FHV trips be dispatched to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV)–even though at least 92.9% of those customers will not need a wheelchair accessible vehicle–starting in just a few months. 15 percent of trips would be required to go to WAV in 2019, 20 percent in 2020, and 25 percent in 2019.

The taxi industry and medallion owner groups, like the Taxi Workers Alliance, have been pushing for a rule like this for years in an attempt to take business away from FHV drivers.

Fast Facts:

  • This rule would require that for-hire vehicle bases like Uber, Lyft, Via, and Juno dispatch non-black car vehicles to meet the WAV requirements. So, starting January 2018, 10% of all trips that would normally be dispatched to cars like yours would be dispatched to current wheelchair accessible vehicles (like taxis) instead, and 25% of all trips by 2020.

  • The current supply of accessible vehicles is not nearly enough to cover 10 percent of all trips. Bases would be required to drastically reduce ALL trips dispatched to FHV drivers in order to meet the quota or face enormous fines.

  • With the current supply of accessible vehicles, this rule would reduce the number of all daily dispatched trips by at least half starting January 2018.

  • This rule would slash the business and earnings of New York’s 100,000 FHV drivers by at least half and force most mom-and-pop bases to shut down entirely.

  • Drivers and the Guild were not consulted on this rule before its proposal despite enormous impacts.

  • The TLC is requiring FHV drivers to do in three months what took the taxi industry more than a decade to accomplish. All without the 6 million dollars in funding provided to taxi garages.

  • The city committed to fully paying for the taxi conversions, but there is no such commitment in this rule


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Well this is not so surprising. All tlc licensees are qualified to transport disabled passengers. That's that WAV class you took to apply or reapply. The next step is to require a certain amount of fhv to be wheelchair accessible. You may think this is bad but there was a proposition to pay a driver the minute he accepts a WAV trip including time driven to pick up. All this means is that instead of buying that shiny 2018 accord sport, you may instead have to buy a wheelchair equipped van. It's really not the end of he world. In my opinion.


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There is no way you can convert a 2016 camry into a wheelchair car. This is probably aimed towards UBERXL vans.


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And you think a driver with a nice suburban or escalade is gonna convert such vehicle into a WAV? Now where will Uber get those vehicles? My thought is they partber with yellows and greens. My way of seeing this is since the city is losing millions in the access a ride program they are just trying to find a way to put those costs on TLC drivers. Just goes to prove how much the TLC bastards care about is licensees.


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Can you imagine if they mandate UberMike to convert his car?

I think he'd blow a gasket with conspiracy theories.. that he gets a million handicapped dog owner customers and they're trying to take him down haha
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