This is the logic to fix ratings. Simple and easy to understand.


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Uber/lyft should implement the following:

1) Impossible to rate after 24 hours
2) Neither driver nor passenger's score is impacted by the other's rating until both have rated
3) If one party still has not rated after 24 hours, their score is now impacted by the other's, but since they can't rate back, no retaliation
4) Ratings cannot be changed within app for driver or passenger. More or less when a rating is made, it is unchangeable. Only with a good excuse will customer service manually change this, and I would say once you have 100 ratings they just won't change it for any reason (1 stars get lost in the noise then if they are rare and undeserved)

Until something like this is implemented I would recommend all people rate everyone 5 stars. Giving passengers anything less than 5 is begging for a spite rating from them, which only hurts your score.