This is human rights violation


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Today a friend insisted on taking uber pool from harrods to Tesco Cromwell rd

Guest how much he paid for 2 ppl


I had to give whatever coins I had to the driver


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Although your friend might have paid £3.75 It doesn’t mean driver gets paid the same.

The minimum driver gets paid for Uberpool is £6.00 for two people minus the Uber cut. It might also have been a surge while passenger price doesn’t reflect this.

Since there is competition,Uber started doing proms for passengers where you pay far less for Uberpool on certain times/locations during the day.

Bolt and Kapten are doing the same, some journeys cost 50p does that mean driver gets paid 50p. Of course not.
Could be the rider complained that driver was behaving inappropriately or watching football or cricket match while driving or using Facebook and not concentrating so uber might have decided to refund partial fare to keep the rider sweet.

I guess. More likely he went to the wrong Tesco or wrong route perhaps.

How does Uber know to refund unless somebody complained like the OP?

The OP must of like you say who is himself an Uber nice.

In America alot of arabs had a big scam running for a long time with short trips like this and made alot, when they try for longer journeys it aroused to much suspicion from Uber so they kept the scam to short trips, you can take the arabs out of arabia but you......

That's what we used to say.