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This is becoming a joke now


Had an email from uber contains the following, this is just mad, imagine the problems we would have if this occurred.

The trip has ended early on a long job
If ever a rider jumps in your car and asks you to take them a great distance (e.g. to London) please look out for notifications from Uber. This will be via text and through the app. Should we have any concerns about the payment of this trip, the system will end the job. If this happens please drop the rider off in a safe location (e.g. a service station). If you choose to continue the trip you will not be paid.


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F9ck dropping off in safe place, the next service station could be miles away if on motorway and will not get paid for those miles, why not just drop off near a phone on the hard shoulder. Remember if not booked not insured so just slam the breakes on and tell them to get out. ( I would never do that though as that would just be dangerous)
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