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This is Bad, extemely unprofessional


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At the current rates this is who is left driving for Uber. Get used to it. Uber doesn't even get rid of bad drivers. If their rating drops, they get to take a class to drive again. Uber doesn't care about your safety. Uber only cares about finding @@@@@@ed people who are stupid enough to drive for no money. All the good drivers left because of insane rate cuts. There are a few of us who drive very limited times, but we are out-numbered by the insane Uber drivers. Chances are your driver is someone who is not capable of getting work anywhere else in society. Brain dead, bottom feeders.

The fact that very few passengers ever gave us tips to help offset being driven around for pennies, didn't help. You need to take some responsibility if you are one of those who never tipped your Uber driver.


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I don't blame the driver! This is uber's fault. Of course you'd only get either stupid or frustrated drivers with the current rates. On top of that, the way the girl talks would make me so furious too regardless of the rates!


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Id guess they wanted him to wait and he told them no. When they asked why he told them he makes pennies to wait and its not worth his time.
Then she argued with him about waiting and he lost control. So of course she replies with if I had a knife Id stab you.
Makes perfect sense. LOL

Who knows...


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That's what happens when drivers make no money and get @@@@@y riders who think drivers make shitload of money. They think drivers are thrilled to go to drive thrus and sit for 10-15 minutes and then have someone eating in your car.

Everyone's private driver my ass!!!

The driver though should've kept his cool though. Now he's getting a 1 star and probable deactivation.


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This is the result of those ever infamous 2 dollar rides that keep on coming thanks to the Uber "less is more" nonsense strategy to increase requests.
Uber's response:" That is absolutely not ok, Tracee. We take matters such as this very seriously. Our team is reviewing the incident and will be in contact ASAP."
Don't worry Tracee, Uber will be providing you with a code for a whole bunch of FREE rides now, so you get to show the love and spread joy to a whole bunch of other drivers in your area... 2 dollars at a time.

Another Uber Driver

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Right; this ain't no good.

They think drivers are thrilled to go to drive thrus and sit for 10-15 minutes and then have someone eating in your car.

The driver though should've kept his cool though. Now he's getting a 1 star and probable deactivation.
How many times have we wanted to say those things.
I am going to put on my Company Official Hat (or "Former" Company Official Hat?) for a minute to evaluate the recording on the Original Post.

At the outset, I know only what the recording poster states in the commentary and what is on the recroding. In order to proceed properly, I would need to hear both driver's and customer's version of what led up to this.

To the customer:

1. What happened when the driver showed up?

2, Where did you ask him to take you?/What did you ask him to do?

3. When you arrived at the Checker's and found it closed, what did you ask the driver to do?

4. What did the driver say to you when you asked him to do that?

5. What did you say back to the driver?

6. Is this when you started recording?

7. Am I missing anything else that happened before you started recording?

To the driver:

1. What happened when you showed up?

2. Where did the customers ask you to take them?/What did they ask you to do?

3. Did you do it?

4. Did you say anything to them when they made their requests of you? What?

5. What happened when you arrived at the Checker's and found it closed?

6. What did the customers ask you to do?

7. Did you do it? Did you say anything to them about it?

8. What else did they say to you?

9. Am I missing anything?

Since I do not have the above described opportunity, the best that I can do here is to try to draw on some experience.

I suspect that the driver showed up, the customers got in and told the driver where to take them. They may or may not have entered a final destination, but I suspect that they did ask to be taken to a Checker's to get something to eat before they went to their final destination. It is likely that the driver did not like the idea of doing it, but did it, anyhow, as it is not an uncommon request from night passengers. They arrive at the Checker's; it is closed. Now, the customers are discussing where else to get a sandwich which causes the driver to lose patience. Finally, they decide, but, for whatever his reasons, the driver does not want to do it. I will apply a combination of Occam's Razor and my own experience to suspect that the driver was of the mindset that "One stop, allright, but I am not going chasing all over town to do an unprofitable wait so that these people can get a sandwich". He then tells the customers that he is taking them to their final destination. Now, the trouble starts.

From the recording, it appears that the customers were the more calm of the two parties involved.

I suspect that the customers did become agitated due to the driver's refusal to comply with what they considered to be a reasonable/not unusual request. Their request is neither unusual nor unreasonable for a passenger in a for-hire vehicle. These passengers do not set rates or policies. It is not the passengers' fault that the driver is not compensated adequately for his services. The passenger/user/consumer is utilising an offered transportation service for its intended purpose: to be transported to one, or more, points. So, no, it is not the passenger's concern that the driver earn adequate compensation. It is the passenger's concern only that he be transported to the desired destination(s). To be sure, the passenger must mind his manners during said transportation, but, as far as I can tell from the recording, these passengers were until the driver got out of line. The passengers' expectations were not unreasonable. Going on what I have, I would find in favour of the passengers.

To be sure, a TNC allows more leeway in the refusal of transportation than do most regulations. This is one source of the complaints from the taxi and limousine drivers about the lack of regulation of TNCs who are doing the same thing that they are. The only regulation on this matter is that the TNC and its drivers "not discriminate". This is a bit vague. If there are more in cidents such as this, and, these incidents start to involve government agencies or lawsuits, I suspect that the TNCs would be compelled to issue more stringent rules on refusal of transportation. If something such as this resulted in a complaint to the District of Columbia Human Rights Office, and said Office found in favour of the complainant, even the Office Holders/Officials here would have to do something. Despite certain TNCs' having "made arrangements" with certain Office Holders/Officials to operate relatively unregulated while their competition remains overregulated, they would have to act contrary to those "arrangements".


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As a cabbie, I have long thought the drive-thru request is in fact unreasonable, particularly when it is busy out there and a big fat tip in cash isn't handed to the driver up front.


First, it is not the drivers responsibility to caretake or babysit a passenger with a craving for French fries and who neglected to plan ahead by having some food in stock at home.

Second, it is extremely self-indulgent on the passengers part. I can recall, prior to Uber, passengers waiting for an hour or more for a ride home, while the fast-foodie drunks were tying up a cab in the drive thru line for up to 45 minutes.

Third, the smell of fast food to the drunks is in itself intoxicating, so the driver has to police them to prevent them from eating and creating a mess.

Finally, for a sober driver to have to listen to the loud annoying drunks indefinitely is cruel and unusual punishment.

I tell them that I will gladly drop them at their fast food of preference, but they need to order an Uber from there.
Just joking. I am not that mean.

I forgot to mention the obvious: it is a money loser when business is brisk.


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On the surface it appears he's out of control taking out his problems on random undeserving people. But then she threatens to stab him and all credibility is lost.


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It's Screwbers fault...You make my time a dollar a minute (0r dollar a mile-L/A, whichever is greater) and I'll drive them to every closed fast food establishment in the state. Until that happens more of this will happen.

UBER riders food/service matters...
UBER drivers time ALSO matters...

(do I have to apologize?)

Would love to see what happened before the tape started as I really did not see/hear any reason to go that postal. I thought it was much ado about nada based on this clip.

Add: did not hear the stabbing threat on the first listen
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Jedi Driver

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That driver is out of control. He's working on a heart attack. Rage is toxic. Even if the pax were horrible, there was no need to take it to this derogatory level. End the trip, make pax get out, but don't act like a freaking maniac.
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That driver is out of control. He's working on a heart attack. Rage is toxic. Even if the pax were horrible, there was no need to take it this derogatory level. End the trip, make pax get out, but don't act like a freaking maniac.
He definitely shouldn't have lost his cool, ending the trip and kicking them out before it gets to that is always the best choice, you are gonna get a 1* either way at least get some satisfaction from it.
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