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This is a fun story


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About 17/hour if you substract the fuel and toll. The most interesting part in my opinion was this.
The bill for the grueling 397-mile, 7-hour-42-minute jaunt: $294.09.

A New York City yellow cab making the same trip in reverse would cost $1,182.

Uber wants us to work for nothing and also won't let the rider tip in the app. The cab driver who would have made $1200 could also accept a tip, and he/she would certainly deserve it!

More Cowbell

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Drivers an idiot. Deadhead all the way back, and the luggage probably contained illegal crap - drugs, weapons, whatever - that she couldn't get thru security at an airport or bus stop. That's why she wasn't excited to see her 'boyfriend', it was a drop. That's why I refused a 300 mile trip once to Baton Rouge, it didn't smell right.


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Yeah and you see what it would have been in a cab what a @#$/%^/ rip off. Uber should be ran out of business I have six months left on my tnc and I will not be renewing.


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I'm glad the NYP pointed out the driver didn't make nothing.

Anyways. for all of those saying she was dumb for taking the ride, imagine if she only took min. rides at $2.44. (even lower where she was at, but I don't feel like doing that much math.) She would of had to do close to 121 rides. Figure, she is lucky and does 3/hr.. it will take her 40 hours to complete all of those. 17 hours and some change does not sound so stupid now huh?

If I went to NYC, you better believe I would of made a mini vacation out of it. I would of also given the girl my number since she probably needs a ride back home at the end of my mini vacation. Sure I would of lost money after hotels and such, but oh well. Its NYC.