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Interesting read! However, I'd like to put some reality to this poll. It's an valiant attempt to explain why income increases and black people are holding everyone down. Here's why this a flawed poll, not everyone takes the Census poll.

Two, how have the changed with measuring income. I'm a black male and drive Uber so of course my income is lower. But you have to look at population of group to jobs offered, how many people live in a household and who is telling the truth.

Lastly there is no pure bred anything if you live in the US. But meh it's Wednesday... what are you gonna do lol

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Looks like income very closely matches average IQ levels as reported in the book "the bellcurve"
The bell curve is flawed. Charles Murray is clown who was trying to sell books. IQ levels were for 18-25 year olds in the study. Of course minorities were going to score lower since they are usually poorer and go to lousy schools. Keep believing white supremacy pseudoscience if that is your mindset.

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I don't think most whites (particulary polish like myself) have very high average IQ's......

Asians are at the top of the curve and of the Asians the Koreans have the highest average IQ.....
Most Asians who immigrated are professionals and entrepreneurs. They will always have a higher IQ than the general population because of advanced levels of education. Socioeconomic background has more to do with IQ.


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I really enjoyed Thomas Sowell's response to The Bell Curve. He's is often a target of those on the Left, often called an Uncle Tom, but his reasoned and thoughtful responses are interesting to read and listen to.

"But “The Bell Curve” has holes of its own:

  1. Correlation is not cause. There are plenty of correlations between IQ and interesting things like future success in school, future income, divorce, infant mortality, crime, etc. But none of it proves cause. Nor are some of these correlations particularly strong.

  2. The Flynn Effect: IQs have risen by 10 to 15 points in many countries in the space of 30 years. For some, like Jewish Americans, it has risen even faster. Genetics cannot account for this. The book brings up the issue, but avoids drawing the common sense conclusions.

  3. Herrnstein and Murray fear that overall IQ will drop because low-IQ women tend to have more children. That makes sense but it is dead wrong: the Flynn Effect more than cancels it out.

  4. There are way more black women with IQs over 120 than black men. That cannot be genetic either. Among whites there is no difference. The book does not even touch this one."