This driver is an inspiration to us all.


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Finally Uber does the right thing....
Which one of you @@@@@@@@ was the driver? 🤣


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Prepping is good. I have 20 cans of soup, a gallon of water and 6 pairs of socks standing by for the zombie apocalypse.
I have two AKs and more.
When shit hits the fan, I'm coming for your soup, water and, most importantly, socks.


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I think by "prepper" he meant the wacko's that have underground bunkers and 10 years of food storage filling their basement, just waiting for the zombie apocalypse or government breakdown.


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Finally Uber does the right thing....
The right thing? Uber?

What makes you think Uber will give the $76 to the driver, especially given the story the pax told?

The driver will be lucky if she keeps her job, let alone receive any portion of the $76.

Do you also think Lyft refunds pax their cleaning fees if the driver fails to provide a receipt?