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This Bill Could Destroy Uber's Unsustainable Business Model An unholy alliance of on-demand companies is desperately trying to stop a California bill


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Come on man, you want to get a taxi rate without being a cab driver. I thought that I heard before on this forum that taxi drivers are greedy and market would solve everything. Yes , indeed. You keep driving for peanuts and I will take a look at you if you are still going to be in this business in few years considering the pace of work and pay rate. P. s ., cab driver with 20 years of experience.
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I know that guy. He is a good guy, except he drives evening shifts for dead taxi company. You need to know a lot and to have a lot of things align to do well in this business.
I'm a cabbie and have been for a long long time. One thing I know, this business is about building relationships and having your own client list. Knowing streets & landmarks is important no doubt, but relationships are totally crucial. I have days when I don't even take one call from the dispatcher because of all my "personals".

Here's an example of relationship building:
Our company had a regular customer in her 80s and became housebound, unable to drive as well. every week she would call the dispatcher and give him a list of things she needed at the store and then the dispatcher would send the next driver up to do the shopping which paid very very well.

Now I personally do her shopping every Friday. She calls me and only me for whatever she needs. I built a relationship with her, got her trust & loyalty.

Some relationships might only last a day, such as bringing someone to dinner and then picking them up later on.

The bottom line, this business is about building relationships weather for years to come or just for today... We are always looking for an opportunity to do more business with our passengers.

I don't know if that is a possibility with U/L but if any of you have figured out a way around the system then I'd assume you are driving some of those people around without proper insurance coverage. That's just a risk I guess you have to take.
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Can't that be said about any job if you want to maximize income? I used all the relations I built to get OUT of Uber.

For sure your not getting to executive level off just hard work.