This association is growing, maybe take a look.


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If the settlement in California accomplished anything it mandated UBER recognize associations that represent their drivers. Looking forward it's in the drivers best interests to join an Association. A non-Union industry group for drivers to together and gain power in numbers. For those of you who think long-term, if you plan on driving for Uber for a while; perhaps what you want & what you need to survive out here is important enough for you to join. Free information. Just a thought.

Check it out , it's growing, gaining momentum, you may need it someday.


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I will take any and all advice from veteran drivers today will be my first day as an Uber X any tips on times/areas that are the most profitable and little things to make the ride the best for the passenger?


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how about including taxi divers in the assoc. taxi drivers get screwed nby their bosses too.