Thinking about hanging up the hat.


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I've done Uber for a little over a month and love it.
Signed up for eats 1.5 weeks ago to have more trips during downtimes.
I've done about 20 trips and have found....
1. No one has tipped. Delivered multiple stories up in hotels, to people's houses, dorms, etc. Not a single cash or app tip.
2. McDonald's is painfully slow. The 24 hour one..the only 24 hour a MIN 10-15 minute wait. One of the slowest I've witnessed.
3. You obviously don't get paid for a rest. taking it's sweet ass time.
4. I've had to cancel once because I waited over 20 minutes at McDonald's, screw it, I'm not standing for 20 mins with my thumb up my ass for free.
5. Some restaurants don't act like I exist when I say "I'm here with uber eats". I've literally had to yell "HEY!" at people working the counter when I stood there for 5 minutes being ignored.
This week Uber has a "quest" where I get an extra $3 per food delivery, but once that stops, I'm thinking of just sticking to Uber.


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The tips will come, not as much as other platforms, but you will get some. Get an insulated bag, if you don’t have one.

To get their attention when you arrive to the restaurant be assertive but nice, start with saying hi. If no one acknowledges you after a few min, leave.

The only McD’s I wait longer than 5 min at are the ones I’m at a lot and I see they’re busy, but are working on my order and who treat me nice. Some will give me a soda to wait.


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As everyone else is saying, it takes time to get a feel for doing these gigs, especially Eats with all the built in shenanigans. If there is no quest involved or profitable guarantee avoid most McDs. They are usually short deliveries and the tips are much less frequent from their customers.

Also you have to learn to read the environment just a bit. If there is any confusion about the order you are picking up and it's approaching that 5 min marker, you might as well cancel and move on. When things seem like they are not going well at a pickup, they usually aren't.

If every employee is running around like crazy and they don't acknowledge your presence going on 5 mins, then cancel, because chances are they haven't even started preparing the order.


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Never take a McDonald's ping unless you have a quest, or for some reason you only want a short delivery and you're right next to the McDonald's and you KNOW for sure it's a good McDonald's because you have a magic McDonald's in your market... right. To make it more simple, never take a McDonald's ping. McDonald's pings are for newbies. There are times when you might be okay taking a McDonald's ping, but when that happens, you will be an Old Master and you will understand why you're doing it and not need any advice from anyone.


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If I see the ping is from a mall, I cancel.
If I see the ping is from a restaurant with poor service (McD/Burger King), I cancel.
If I see the ping is from a restaurant with I know that doesn't start prepareing food until the driver arrive (McD/Burger King), I cancel.
If I see the ping is from a restaurant with no parking (college/university/mall) area, I cancel.
If I get to the restaurant, worker doesn't acknowledge me within 30 seconds, I walk out. Unless I am behind other customers.
If I get to the restaurant, and the restaurant haven't even enter the order yet, I cancel.
If I get to the restaurant, the restaurant tells me is a 10 minute wait, I cancel; because my experience is when a restaurant tells a time, it usually is double the amount, unless it is a pizza restaurant because of oven cooking.
If I get to a restaurant, and it is FULL of people, I walk out and cancel. Because your order is behind ALL those people.

You lose money waiting. Anyone made you wait has taken money out of your wallet!!!