Thieves running a scam in Austin. Watch out!


There is a scam happening. This happened in Austin, Texas. Here is how it goes.

You will get a ping with a note instructing to call when you arrive.
You call, the thief will pretend to Lyft customer service. The thief will say that there is no passenger to pick up. The thief will say this is Lyft running a random test to check that their drivers are in fact the drivers listed on their accounts. You will be asked to cancel the ride and then asked what is the phone number associated with the account.
If you give them the phone number, the thief will then try to log into your account and ask you for the access code that you receive in a text from Lyft. If you tell the thief the access code, they will then edit your express pay card and replace with thief's own card. Then the thief will ask you to respond to the text message you receive asking to update the card info on your account. The thief will tell you to respond with "ADD" and if you send the text, then the thief will cash out your Lyft balance.

In order to pull off this scam, the thief will also ask for the last 4 digits of your social security number. They may also ask you for your driver's license number.

They will also end the call and call you back on a San Francisco number.

The thieves who are running this scam are very good at convincing people that they are working for Lyft. It sounds improbable that they could trick drivers this way, but it is happening. They have a thorough knowledge of how Lyft works and they understand how to trick drivers into trusting them by the way they walk the drivers through the process. They are able to give the impression that it is a real Lyft call.

So, watch out. If they try to pull this scam on you, call 911 and see if you can get police to respond and come look for the thief. The thief might be at the pickup spot (or near it) when you make the first call.


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At this point anyone who falls for it, well, thats why they drive for lyft with no surge, no ride distance info, and 33%-50% lower rates.
Why do people still drive for lyft??

They just offered me $350 for 25 rides in the next week, but yet no option to cancel for passengers without a mask. Furk lyft.


They’re running the same scam with uber.. you receive a request for Uber eats and in the message portion the customer pretends to be an Uber rep.. The last few to pull over and cancel the ride so they can verify your identification.. They’re smooth talkers and they do it really fast and you don’t even realize that the messages are getting through the Uber app or actually just coming from a private number.. I was playing along with no clue that it might be a scam until they started asking questions about the cash app (saying some kind of BS like Uber had partnered with cash app)..I just wish I hadn’t canceled the ride when they told me to
..In hindsight I can’t even believe I let the Scam get that far..


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I love those scammers
The last time I was waiting the 5 minutes to get the $5 I had the idea to actually accept the ride & take a leisurely 200 mile 5 hour drive
Might ponder that for next time
Free scammer money!!!