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They're baaaaaack!


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I know what direction not to go now. Thanks for the heads up.

Funny, but I don’t want that in my car. But they prolly tip. So I understand the chasing. I just have leather interior.

Get rides from the north shore into the city instead.


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Very awesome group of people. Polite and friendly with good energy and they usually tip good.
All short trips to other hotels perfect in the mario-karting days or to complete a decent quest.
Will give some rides for old-times sake but otherwise no money in it anymore.


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Halloween was worse. Had a dude jump in with crutches and bandages on his head with blood.

He could hardly even move into my car.

Gets in finally and explains it’s not a costume. But just got hit by a car recently. Like wtf?

I thought it was a costume the whole time.

Furry friendly pax are better. But shed. Hummm. Making me think twice now.


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Isn't there something your not supposed to ask a furry? I remember it being talked about on here before.


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Tire popped on a pothole. Didn’t get involved with the feast after the UC, and Wintrust releases.

I am curious though. I will be back to check it out for atleast 1 ride. It’s gotta be fun and good times with them tourist. Haha.