They passed the bill are we gonna get paid!!


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It ain't a joke bro I want my money and I want it now
Jobkeeper Is $750/week, I think applications were supposed to be open from 20th April, payments start the first week of May, backdated to 30th March, so expect around $3200 in that first payment.

You will need to prove that your income has dropped 30% since 1st March. I am not sure whether that is compared to march last year or this year, so prepare both sets of reports and be ready to provide a monthly report to prove the loss is ongoing.

Also make sure your driving time doesn't drop significantly becomes.more.diffixukt to prove what is causing the loss of income.

I hope this helps.
Are you a Democrat, who supposedly "hates Trump", but now "suddenly" you don't mind taking money from him?
Full disclaimer: Not a Democrat, though I’m what you people might describe as “socialist.”

Taking my own money? I pay taxes, he doesn’t.
We wouldn’t be here but for his gross incompetence, contempt, disdain and crass ignorance, and the simpletons who cheered him on, even as he has destroyed their lives, if I wasn’t personally going through it myself, it would be a pleasure to watch deplorables finally feel the effects of their wanton foolishness, cheering this trust fund baby on to their own demise.


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Are you a Democrat, who supposedly "hates Trump", but now "suddenly" you don't mind taking money from him?
It's not Trump's money. Tax payers fund this and since he cheats, lies, and steals to avoid doing the right thing , be sure of one thing. Trump does what benefits him. Doesn't matter how many die because of his self serving policies. MF can't even run a charity without using it as a scam. He won't go to Hell. That's where he is from
. The Dark Side of Hell.


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any smart people out here man enough to read the whole bill are we gonna get paid
I live in Portland, Oregon. All that I can say as of today is I filed for unemployment benefits & I'm waiting ti see. On April 15th, I went to the IRS web site to check my status & found out that my stimulus of $2400, scheduled to be deposited that day into the bank account my 2018 tax return was deposited to. I closed that acct so, I'll be sent a check. I'm also waiting to hear about the Emergency Injury Disaster Loan from the SBA. I'm in limbo