They killed surge at Metlife


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Just got email that they are paying 35% more per min...and 75% per mile at Metlife soccer game tonight....


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I did a MetLife event once. It was Beyoncé. I spent so much time and made so little that I had to bail for for the night. I was appalled at how useless that part of event driving was. Avoid all of that now. Love the story about the fans parking on the street in Lyndhurst and then their outrage over not being taken from there to that event. A minimum ride that takes an hour in and an hour out. Like taking a stupid pill. Adjusting the time and distance rates per the email today is hilarious.


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Looked like it was pretty lit up in the surrounding area of MetLife tonight. I saw a 2.8x.


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?? I’m plainly stating facts, both jets and giants will be bad. Jets at least have a possibility of an upswing I have no idea what the giants are doing.
If it's any consolation... neither do they.
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Yes Eagle fans , live it up . You finally won a Super Bowl . You have graduated from historic futility to being a run of the mill franchise .

Congratulations . ?✨???


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I give anyone credit to try and make money at a stadium but it sounds like a bad deal. I wouldn’t advocate doing cash rides but that might be the play there.