These drop pin location pick ups have got to stop!

SMH Uber

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Everytime there is a range of numbers for pick up address. It is always a drop pin. And always it is inaccurate. If you are near a park, a bridge, tall buildings or a cemetery, good luck! Their real destination is usually 1 -2 miles in the opposite direction.

So I sit and collect my $5.

I wish Uber would do away with that pin drop /find my location feature.

It's funny that the rider's can put in the name or search for there destination and accurately enter it, but are too damn lazy to do the same for there pickup location.

What angers me most is the rider put the blame on me, says "Your GPS is messed up" or " You went to the wrong place " Or they say "Are You coming or What?"

I hope when they get that $5 fee that they learn a lesson.

Please educate your riders.