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These ARE the PAX you are looking for...

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Blossom_World, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. So....

    I’m planning my first uber ride ever as a PAX...never been a driver... (and to be honest, I’m not even sure what PAX stands for)...

    I have been researching your threads on what NOT to do as a PAX. I know that this sounds really dorky, but let me list some things and enlighten me if I’m missing something. I’m trying not to have it be an epic failure here!

    1. Don’t sit behind the driver, it’s creepy.

    2. Ask before sitting in the front.
    2a. If you do sit in the front don’t touch the stereo, the temperature controls, adjust the chair, touch the glove box, or touch the driver! lol
    2b. It is assumed that you want to talk if you sit in the front, so don’t be a dork and talk loudly on your phone, or be creepy silent.
    2c. Make sure you brushed your teeth and took a shower if you do sit in the front! Okay, probably if you sit in the back to.

    3. Don’t puke in the car.... I don’t drink ever, so this is a non issue, unless I have the GI bug, in which case, I shouldn’t be going anywhere anyways.

    4. Don’t say that you’ll “tip in the app!” Apparently an immediate 1-Star rating with some drivers.
    4a. Tip in cash, because Uber doesn’t always let the transaction go through in the app if you tip.
    4b. Tip. Period.

    5. If you’re planning a long trip, text or call your driver, so that your driver doesn’t get a rude surprise about a drive from Lansing to Ann Arbor!
    5a. Don’t drive your driver crazy if you do go on a long ride.

    6. Don’t eat in the car.
    6a. Unless you’re a type 1 diabetic like I am, and you’re having a low blood sugar moment, and if you don’t drink a juicy juice, your driver will have to go to the ER.

    7. Don’t leave trash in car.

    8. If driver is 17 minutes away and you’re requesting a ride that takes 7 minutes, that is evil... unless you’re a very good tipper, then maybe that’s okay! Lol

    9. If there’s more than one if you, don’t be weird and not talk, or expect driver to run conversation!

    10. Don’t request pick ups on high traffic areas where driver shouldn’t be stopping said car. Find a decent side street or likewise safer pick up area, so that we aren’t playing in traffic.

    11. Don’t have sex in the back seat... apparently some riders need this reminder.

    12. Tip an extra $10 dollars if the driver can name at least three Beach Boy’s tunes that Carl Wilson had lead vocals on... (Okay I think we all know that I made that rule up.)

    13. Don’t complain about your in laws (I don’t have any anyways), the route your driver takes, or get out of the car before the car has come to a complete stop.

    14. Don’t put feet on dash board. Not cool.

    15. Don’t slam the door... I always feel paranoid about this one, because I want the door closed all the way, but don’t want to use hulk force.

    16. Wear your seat belt. Tickets aren’t sexy.

    17. Keep arms, legs, and brain inside the vehicle at all times.

    18. Realize your driver isn’t perfect... okay, maybe they are, but if they make a mistake, the planets will not become misaligned.

    19. Unless your driver was Ted Bundy and you end up in a freezer, always rate your driver 5 stars! Anything left makes you an employee of the Empire and evil.

    20. Give an extra $10 tip for sideburns... because I have a weakness for them, and yes, I know that’s favoritism!

    21. I cannot believe I forgot this one: don’t ping the driver until you are ready... because making them wait is evil!

    Am I missing anything...?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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  2. Wrong. Don't ask, and don't sit in front.
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  3. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    Toes on curb as the driver pulls up to your accurate pin drop.
  4. Pretty much...BINGO

    Well, yeah, there’s this. But, HTG, if a pax did/didn’t do all the other things on this list, I’m okay with a little waiting and/or hunting.
  5. smoran26


    Blackstone, MA
    Why did you spend the effort to type all that out? I’m not even getting why you’re on this site.
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  6. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    TBH I can put up with a lot of the other things more than waiting for a customer, because that directly impacts my ability to make money.
  7. Go away.

    It’s good. Creative. Just someone who gets it and stopped by.

    I agree, but waiting or a little searching doesn’t leave your car smelling like puke nor require the time off to clean. It doesn’t put you at risk for tickets because of an unsafe/illegal loading spot or lack of a seatbelt (which should go to the pax, I know, but it does cost you the time for the detainment). And, a tardy rider may be a good tipper.
  8. See, this is the one thing that I feel there are conflicted opinions about. One thread on front seats, it seemed like the majority of drivers were okay with it.

    Then a few said only if there were enough people that a front seat was needed. And then a few, like you, that boycott the front seat entirely.
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  9. jgiun1


    And don't kick my damn center console from rear seat with shoes or heels and scuff it up.
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  10. You make it sound so complicated.

    Let me break it down for you.

    You need a ride, so you request a ride.

    Be considerate of your driver's time and property.

    Treat others as you would want to be treated.

    Everything else will fall into place.
  11. Coachman


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  12. <——Uber beginner rider in training.
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  13. Things have changed a lot since you've been on the inside. What was your time for?
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  14. MoreTips


    I wish something like this was required reading for all new riders and was even a mandatory reread every 10 rides. This would be new info to a lot of the paxholes out there.
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  15. UberAntMakingPeanuts


    Detroit Michigan
    True I don't mind the front seat. I hate it when someone sits directly behind me. Cableguynoe's has the best advice.

    This one.

    I have 5 stars as a pax before I started driving Uber. I'm in Michigan like you. I think you will be fine
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  16. This dude is awesome, I would even load luggage without pretending it's heavy

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  17. You forgot, DO NOT PICK YOUR NOSE OR SQUEEZE ZITS! Yes, it has happened to me!
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  18. I'm sure there are - Uber drivers are not The Borg.

    Speaking for myself, I will downrate you if you sit in the front if there is available space in the back seat where you belong.
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  19. Gilby


    Wausau, WI
    I really don't care if you sit in front or in back. Many riders ask, and I tell them it is their choice.
  20. I don't care whether a solo rider sits in the front or the back, but I've had a few times with 2 riders where they split front and back. That's just weird.

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