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The Uber Interview Process


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Did you as Independent Contractor enlist the services of Uber to add to your already ongoing independent ride-sorcing business? True IC status!


Were you offered the opportunity to attend an onboarding session where by if you met certain criteria much like a usually employment interview and coerced into IC status where you are completely reliant on Uber to conduct business? Employee/IC extremely grey status!
An excellent clip Instyle.

I would like to see the Australian version. In that version, the Uber representative would tell the applicant that uberX driving remains illegal in every state and territory in Australia.

In the meantime, it would be great to see this piece in the Adelaide forum. The time for new sign-ups with Uber Adelaide will be right now. The drivers of Adelaide deserves fair warning of how Uber operates.

No one should be driving under uberX. The risks are too high, the returns too small.

Wake Up Australia.

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