The shore club lines.. wow


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Osprey line was around the building...Bar A line was into the parking lot next door.. Djais was big line too.. Really kids?? Waiting in ridiculous lines to get into these places is worth it??

Manasquan was a total sh*t show people everywhere you go, parties on every house.. traffic ridiculous.. the little draw bridge went up and i was stuck in that with group of pax.. when it came down, had to be over a hundred people on bicycles came pedaling down the middle of the street. Im like wtf? Then after that, here comes vehicle traffic heading right for them.. sheesh..


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Osprey is nuts there is like no where to pick up pax at if side street next to it on main is full the taxi park in front and cops tell us to move anyone got any ideas


During a pick up at Osprey I had some idiot throw coins at my car. Bunch of drunks at that place. Some chick's father wanted me to pick up his daughter and she never showed. I called the dad (he called the UBER) and he attempted to reach her and she had turned off her phone. I moved on to my next pickup.