The result of too many drivers in Philadelphia : UberX Is Now As Bad As Philly Cabs


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UberX Is Now As Bad As Philly Cabs


I knew that was coming , not a good move by Uber ..

When, in October of last year, Uber announced that its cheaper-than-a-taxi UberX service was finally available in Philadelphia, most of us were delighted. In addition to being significantly less expensive than Philly’s cabs, UberX was also significantly better.

Of course, that wasn’t necessarily a difficult feat. Many Philadelphians had become fed up with the city’s cabs, the worst of which were dirty and smelly and manned by angry drivers who would flip out if you tried to do the unthinkable: Pay your fare with a credit card.
But less than a year later, everything has changed.

the UberX situation in Philadelphia did offer a possible explanation for why UberX has gotten so damn bad. "Who do you think many of these new drivers are?" he said. "Philly cab drivers."


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I think the article here is a little overstated.

That being said--I had been driving for uber 20-25 hours of week for the fun of it and some extra $$. I had maintained a clean car--friendly demeanor and a 4.9 rating after 550 trips. It's no fun when you can't get pickups. Too many drivers. And there are more every day!

That being said--I'll still drive from time to time but not as much as I once did. I miss it. But it isn't there right now. Maybe college kids will bring it back. We can hope.


Whether or not the influx of new drivers are also cab drivers, this article pretty much sums it's simply too many darn Uber drivers now on the platform!!! That's why it's oversaturated!!! I started before UberX was in Philly, so I know first hand what a pleasure it once was to be an UberX driver!

Danz Haagen

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I think he wanted that free sundae the girl was eating. what a Mr Clean... probably never tips either.

I only drive once a months, on Sundays due to rates being so low. And every time, the pax is amazed how professional I am, and how polite etc. I get tipped a lot now. Damn, I thought, if I am good, then compared to me other drivers must be real monsters. LMAO...


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I have stopped driving as much also. My rating will stay up by the way and they need to freeze the hiring of new drivers for a little to see what the next couple of weeks bring.


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Uber is too short-term goal oriented for that. Mo' drivers = mo' revenue, even if eventually the reputation of the company sinks. It would be in their best interest to slow down, and to weed out the < 4 drivers. Honestly I don't think they deactivate anyone for anything.

In the last two weeks I've cancelled more rides than I've accepted, and what is my punishment? Texts that other people aren't getting for guarantee hours. I got another one yesterday.


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I also pick and choose a little more now than before. Now I use my gut more to weed out the bad pax. I almost canceled one today that was. 12 mins away. I accepted and got a ride to the airport and was the end of my shift which put me right on my regular route to work. :biggrin:

Dark (K)night

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UBER black & SUV drivers have been saying this all along, but we were mocked by the X drivers who said we were selfish & didn't want others to make money. When you divide a pie up in infinite ways nobody wins except for the guy who takes a quarter of the pie before anybody else gets a slice. Welcome to the bottom!

Tony from New Jersey

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We (Uber X drivers) respect UBER Black and SUV drivers. We understand that you have worked hard and learned this business before you invested in more expensive cars.

Uber should restrict the numbers of drivers in each category and promote healthy competition at the reasonable price. Example: water is essential for human life, however too much of it is not good (remember Katrina).


I mostly drive in KoP-Phoenixville-West Chester area and several different riders I drove this past weekend told me that the previous uber drivers they used recently told them they were coming specifically to King of Prussia area from Philly because there are just too many Uber drivers and they can't make money. And I was told that on several occasions! So now I'm worried that the former cab drivers will bring their bad attitude (and their junk cars) to the suburbs and turn people away from Uber (and of course take great chunk of our rides).


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You won't have to worry bout that, they are like roaches down there. This weekend all be the first of very busy ones. Temple. LaSalle and other school are moving in tomorrow so I think your area should be OK..