The perfect Uber ride...

Richard Cranium

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So, since Uber has decided to allow 2002 and up vehicles, here is my vision for the "ultimate" Uber ride:

2002-2008 Ford Police Interceptor.
- complete with cage
- laptop mount (no front seat passenger :smiles:
- intercom between prisoner..err I mean Pax and driver
- camera on Pax
- easy to clean back seat area (plastic seats and floor) Puke all you want.. lol

That should give the self-empowered Millennials a place they are familiar with and a place they can scream and yell all they want, AND
it should make the transition to a LEO's car a little more tolerable..

Sorry, I couldn't resist :smiles:



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In the early days I recall crown victoria's being prohibited. I wonder if they still are. Shows how stupid Uber is because they actually are a great platform for this.