The PAX List


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In light of all the recent security incidents with drivers, as no one usually reports about the passengers unless it's really bad because we kind of want to keep what we're doing for the most part, and I like to think that people in general are still good for the most part.


There are bad apples under every tree. This list is not too shame any passengers about bad tipping, personal opinion, making too many requests, or etcetera etcetera etcetera. This list is for drivers to be aware of unsafe and potentially harmful passengers that are in Tucson. Getting a creepy feeling from one, which I got just last night, doesn't count unfortunately. Being threatened? Being beyond drunk that you have to cancel the trip because it's THAT bad and the cleaning fee doesn't cover it? And it's their third time doing this in a month?

Those type of passengers. The extreme ones that make us or our families all worry sometimes. The 1% of riders that unfortunately exist because of basics of humanity.

Thankfully I have no one to add right now. :-) but coming from a city of 1.5 million there were about a dozen PAX by the end of the year. Some drivers had more. Some drivers had none.

This thread is to be carefully treated. Again, this isn't if the dude was an egotistical duck (🦆) and didn't tip on a 2 am pick up and changed the address five times. And then left his phone in your car and was an even bigger duck getting it back.

So, really. Drive safe and let's watch out for each other. 🤔😊🤠

* on a side note, maybe we should have a vent thread... 😆🤦