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The Other Side

Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by Park Ranger, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Park Ranger

    Park Ranger

  2. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    At this point if the car barely runs, it qualifies.
  3. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

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    Where have they been? I was noticing Uberhoopties in 2014. More than a few of those comments demonstrate just how ignorant the public really is. I must admit, however, that I do like the comment about the BMW driver's making the same amount as the guy in the Kia.
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  4. When I first started doing Uber.. I started driving with BMW 325i. Soon enough I figured it wasn’t the best car to make money with. $100 for oil change and premium gas and so on. I bought a used Honda Civic hybrid and since then I make more than I used to make when I drive the beemer. And ad to that Uber rates keep on going down for drivers since Uber is really not investing to take cAre of its drivers.. so yeah a beat up economic car makes sense. Cuz you ll make the same money as the guy who’s driving a Benz or a beemer or even a 2018 Toyota Camry. Actually with a beat up car, you might even make more than he does.
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  5. 3.75


    Washington, DC
    It's interesting to see the perception of the riders who know nothing about how this works. I feel at a certain point, it's not even about the car's actual condition but its size and shape that qualifies it as "crap". 2007 base Corolla - "oh it's crap". 2017 Corolla S - "it's a decent car" yet the driver of the 07 probably owns it while the driver of the 17 financed it and works to pay off the car.

    Financially, the 07 makes more sense but people want the 17 to show up.

    Also about the complaint about full time drivers, they have to deal with everyone's obnoxious attitude everyday and don't always get treated well. If they're grouchy, let them be. They have a reason.
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  6. The problem with pax attitude is reasonable, because Uber is charging them double of what they used to pay for a the same ride a year or two years ago. But the actual problem is that Uber is scamming both pax and drivers with this upfront rates. Where Uber’s cut is more than 50percent. But pax don’t know Uber is keeping most of the fare forthemselves. They think we the drivers are banking on what they paid. They always be surprised when I tell them I’m actually making $3.25 ( and it’s kind of not worth it to even drive you to begin with but I am after quest) for this ride, where they tell me I paid $8 for this ride. Then they say that’s messed up and fix their attitude. If anyone is gonna take the heat for this is def not me. Uber already has a ****ty reputation, so it won’t hurt to add this to their pile instead of me getting finger with a 1star and a nonesense profetionalisn and safety tag. And I also I tell them to notice the type of cars are around now.. you barely see someone driving a German for this.. it’s mostly Prius, corolla,Camry and Honda Civic that’s still around. And most of the part timers got hit so hard as well this winter and that turned them off from driving. I have a friend who was excited to drive for Uber.. I layer it all out to him upfront of what are his chances to make money. He used his Benz C class to drive.. and two weeks later he called it a day.. and now that I’m telling him things are starting to pick up.. he doesn’t want to have anything to do with driving for Uber ever again. Lol. The ones that are gonna last in this market, is the one who doesn’t make car payments, ans the one who’s driving an economic beat up car( even driving a newer car will lead to your car’s mileage to jump up so high that the value of the car itself will be nothing. At the time a beat up car is paid off for 5k and you deduct mileage deappriciation.. within a year you make the snout your invested in the car itself through taxes.. and after that you re in a profit .
    And soon enough the self driving cars are gonna be a reality( which is what Uber is starving to bring to the market, regardless of the last incident of these cars) and we the all be history. But untill then.. make as much as you can and later on move on to a different occupation.
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  7. roadman


    I think I will move to dc once the uber sdc come to town.
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  8. New2This


    DC Area
    You and JayJay can get a place together. He said he's gonna move to D.C. to Uber
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  9. giphy (1).gif I know what ur thinking, me too except moving to dc S9XPqix.gif
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  10. The Ebony Inn and Sweets has rooms you can rent by the hour errrr week.
  11. kdyrpr


    SDC still a long way away. If they are ever used at all. They will start in drips and drabs. No way in my untrained eye can I see them making anymore money than they make in their current business model. Which by the way is apparently nothing, or less than nothing, if you are to believe their debt announcements. NO way. HOW is that possible when at this point they are taking nearly 50 percent of the fare. If they end up taking 100 percent because we are out of the picture that STILL can't possibly cover the new costs they will incur: The vehicle (100s of thousands). The fuel. The maintenance. The taxes. Where do they park them? The cleaning fees! Can you imagine the filth these cars will receive without a driver to stop people from pissing, puking and doing whatever else in them?? I've only scratched the surface.
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  12. giphy (1).gif
  13. roadman


    I agree with everything you are saying. I could give a squirt of piss for what happens to Uber and if they ever make any money.
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