The New and defined Surge Pricing for Uber Partners in New Orleans effected on February 12th 2019 as follows!


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Be prepared my fellow Uber drivers to get royally screwed on this new surge pricing. Whomever the drivers were that wanted this change y'all are idiots.
Long trips is when you really get screwed with new surge price.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing Lyft till end of Mardi Gras.
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I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL! They are still charging the customer the same but paying us less. Here is a few examples
Good examples.
Just finished a trip to Riveridge and made $27 customer paid $46.
According to my old app the surge was 4.0x all I got was +$14.00 added to the $13.00 trip.
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Yes I'll be doing Lyft as well the surges will pay a lot more. I do not know where they came up with this idea to think it was better for drivers. On a short ride it can be beneficial in some ways, but overall drivers are losing money with the dollar surge. Also you have to remember the drivers are just getting paid for time and mileage. All of the other fees don't apply to the driver. I understand what you're saying, and I agree we should get some of those fees, but you just get paid for mileage and distance and any other promotion there might be.