The list of who's really benefiting from Uber's IPO

No Prisoners

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I've said several times that Dara's been under pressure to take uber public. Investors know it's now or next year too late. I'm not going into why too late. Nevertheless, to please investors Uber's making it's biggest mistake, because once public they cannot change their business model to save them selves. That's another long complicated explanation.

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Of course there those who are either trolls or just incapable to rationalize clearly and will criticize what they cannot comprehend. With one simple change in their business model Uber or Lyft can turn their company immensely profitable overnight while keeping drivers adherent to their platform. Wallstreet would reward them with astronomical valuation, because whomever is first to implement the change will control the industry. Once public it's too late.
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The initial investors will get rich. Some luminaries will arise from the new shareholders. They will the Officers and Directors. Uber will crash, as the funding sources dry up and the new investors will be left standing there in their underwear.

Fear not, Ants; if Uber and Lyft crash on a Monday, by Wednesday, there will be five new TNCs signing up drivers and, by Friday, two of them will be putting out pings.